Our country is living an unprecendented crisis, where nothing is obvious anymore.  Even food shopping became complicated.

We notice this through the many requests we receive from the inhabitants of Overijse to buy fresh fruits at Menssana.

As a local company we want to assume our responsabilty by meeting this request.  This is why we now offer the Healthy Box, exclusively for residents of Overijse, Huldenberg, Hoeilaart and Terhulpen.



Healthy Box

The Healthy Box provides the doses of vitamins, fibers, proteins, minerals and antioxidants that we all need so much today.

For a family of +/- 4 people.


Vitamin Box


The vitamin box (50 fruits) allows you to squeeze +/- 3 liters of juice.
It provides you with a dose of vitamins C and antioxidants.