Fruit at the office

How does it work ?

Menssana offers its services to companies who want their employees to eat fruit at work.

Thanks to Menssana, its clients can adopt a more positive image: that of a young, innovative and eco-friendly company.

  • Eating fruit

    helps to cope with job stress,
    increases the vigilance and the performance at work,
    plays a important role in the prevention of some diseases.

  • Financiallyattractive !

    The monthly cost per employee is low compared to any other benefit!

    The expenses are 100% deductible (group benefits plan).

The Service

Every week, we deliver and place the fruit baskets in your company.

The clients choose where they want to put the baskets (for example: at the reception, in the meeting rooms, in the open spaces or at any other place…).


The baskets are filled on the same morning of the deliveries for fruits of premium quality and freshness. They are ready to eat and, for most of them, you don’t need cutlery.

The fruit follows the seasons and comes, whenever possible, from local producers.

The baskets are made with at least 6 varieties of fruits.

Where do our fruits come from?

Being partners with several Belgian producers is our way to offer you the best fruit possible both for their taste and their freshness.

Eating seasonal fruit is a way to respect nature and to come back to the tradition.

Every day, we make every effort to select the best products, in collaboration with our producer.